TubeMate 3.3

TubeMate 3.3 Release!

TubeMate 3.3 has been released with new features and improvements! Find the changes here!

1. Post-processing improvement

We've fixed many post-processing issues in integrating with MP3 Converter. It might not be perfect yet though, it will work much smoother than before. Especially TubeMate does not come back to front when post-processing is completed anymore while you're using another app. 

2.   Removable SD card support improvement (Android N(7.0) and higher)

Good news for users who use removable SD card. TubeMate can now access whole SD card space, and the downloaded files in the SD card won't be deleted when TubeMate is uninstalled. Just make sure you set a new folder for download and give the permission when you are asked.

For Android 10 Devices

3. Music album cover change support (via MP3 Converter)

Editing music information now integrates with MP3 Converter for better features, like music alum cover change. You can search an image or choose a file from your phone to set as an album cover. Also when you edit artist or album name, it supports auto-complete for easier use.   

4. Facebook download improvement

With TubeMate 3.3 update, you can download Facebook video with multiple options including high quality video. 

5. Issue fix of upgrade on Android 10

TubeMate had a problem with upgrading itself on Android 10 devices. TubeMate 3.3 has fixed the issue with additional permission as below. You will need to install this version from your web browser first, then you will be able to upgrade within TubeMate again.

Thank you for using TubeMate!