Installing TubeMate - Understanding the Play Store Warning

Why you can ignore the warning in installing TubeMate:

Many users see a warning when installing TubeMate. Here's why : 

  • TubeMate isn't on Google Play Store : Due to YouTube's (owned by Google) policies, TubeMate isn't available on the Play Store. 
  • Focus on User Privacy : TubeMate prioritizes your privacy. It doesn't collect personal information, and location data (if you allow) is anonymized and used only for advertising and analytics.  For more details about user data collection, please refer to our 'Privacy Policy' page. 
Therefore, you can safely ignore the warning and click 'INSTALL ANYWAY' to proceed.

If it doesn't work, you can disable Play Protect temporarily to install TubeMate. But we recommend keeping Play Protect enabled for maximum security.  

we also recommend installing from the official website ( for your safety.

This video might help fixing the problem :