Issues in download

1. I can't download anything.
  1. Please check whether you have enough storage.
    In most cases, it is caused by “not enough storage”. Please delete unnecessary files and try again.
  2. Did you get the error : EACCES (Permission denied)?
    Please check download folder. It means TubeMate can’t access the folder. You can change download folder in the settings.

2. I can't download HD videos
  1. Please install the latest version at
    It could be caused from the change of YouTube. I always try to publish fixed versions as soon as possible. If you keep the latest version, It will be fixed soon.
  2. Many videos don’t have HD qualities.
    You can try to search “HD” keyword to check you can download HD videos.
  3. Some devices can’t get Full-HD videos yet.
    MP3 Video Converter is required to get full-HD or higher resolutions. it doesn't support all of the devices yet.

3. Downloading is too slow.
  • Basically download speed depends on the condition of your network. TubeMate just maximizes network utilization with multiple connections. But you can try these.
  1. Please turn off ‘fast download mode’ in the preferences. ‘Fast download mode’ could be slower on bad network condition.
  2. Please adjust the options for fast downloading at the preferences.
  3. Sometimes, 'pause' and 'resume' for each item improve download speed.

4. How can I download videos to SD card.
  • You can change download folder in the settings. You can also move video files to SD card.
  • In the folder chooser, you should touch the SD card icon at the top left.

5. Issue with downloading in removable SD card
  • Android 4.4 and higher limits its apps' access to removable SD card. So, you can only store files under the designated directory for each app. (.i.e. /storage/sd_card/Android/media/devian.tubemate.v3/)
  • Also with the limitation, if TubeMate is uninstalled, the files stored in the directory are also deleted. Please be aware of it!
  • * Good news! We're currently working on a way to access SD card globally. So the issue will be solved in the next major release.